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Your own smart electricity generator on the roof

The first photovoltaic shingle.


Environmental preservation with solar energy not only as heat source, but for electricity generation. Thanks to TEGOSOLAR this free energy can be utilized without CO2 emissions.

  • TEGOSOLAR lowers your energy costs for at least 25 years.
  • TEGOSOLAR is an integral part of the roof-cover by replacing TEGOLA shingles.
  • TEGOSOLAR system does not weaken waterproofing of the roof-cover.
  • TEGOSOLAR does not require any additional support-structures that other photovoltaic systems need. No need to reinforce the roof against wind.
  • TEGOSOLAR is a flexible solution.
  • TEGOSOLAR can be walked over and does not contain any glass parts.
  • TEGOSOLAR is thin and very light (12kg/m2).
  • TEGOSOLAR does not require maintenance.
  • TEGOSOLAR is easily installed at low cost.
  • TEGOSOLAR is made of amorphous silicon with high efficiency at low light exposure for pitched and flat roofs and facades regardless of orientation.
  • TEGOSOLAR generates electricity with diffused light and worsening light conditions, and with increased performance at higher temperatures.
  • 25-year warranty for maintain performance level at minimum 80%
  • Fully compliant with IEC 61646