Solutions & technology

Solutions & technology

Automation solutions:


Audio a HiFi

Video a Home cinema

Access systems

Security alarm systems & CCTV

WiFi, IT network & telephone

Heating, air-conditioning, swimming pool, etc.

Blinds & louver

Home & kitchen appliance

Control Surround  sound system Video distribution Intercom and videophone Solution & layout LAN & wireless networks Control Control Control
Dimming Audio distribution and paging Video server Door and gate control Remote access & monitoring IP telephone solution Setting Setting Monitoring
Automation Audio server Internet TV Security and remote access Configuration & reconfiguration Remote access Remote access Remote access
Setting scenarios Automation Media center Security agency remote monitoring connection Local server & data backup
Emergency lighting Media center Projector UPS (backup system for critical functions)

Electrical installation, strong current and weak current systems:

-Study, design & drawings, budgeting, cost optimization & value engineering, as-built documentation

-Engineering & report on existing infrastructure

-Implementation, commissioning & configuration

-Service & maintenance

Our certified engineers and technicians have experience with the following systems:

Bticino MyHome: automation system for homes, shops, offices, and similar

Vantage: versatile and high-performance automation for demanding and extensive functionalities in luxury residences, hotels & yachts

Legrand Hotel: hotel room automation solution, control and monitoring via interface with hotel management software

KNX (ABB, Schneider Electric): building automation, widely-used standard

DALI: digital light control and dimming system

Loxone: home automation system

Variant: robust and high-performance CCTV, security alarm and fire alarm systems

Tegosolar: photovoltaic shingle and roof-cover with high efficiency even at low light levels

Fronius: high quality invertors and battery systems for photovoltaic